Media Release - Motor Vehicle Accident w/ Injuries


Case Number: 2012-4508

Incident Type: Motor vehicle collision

Date and Time of Incident / Accident: 2/3/12 09:52am

Incident /Accident Location: Pitney Rd / Moss Mill Rd

Arresting / Investigating Officer: Ptl. Tom Guercioni

Misc / Other Related Information: 2010 Mercedes driven by Richard Camacho 35 of Mayslanding was traveling north bound on Pitney Rd. Camacho failed to yield at a red traffic signal and struck a 2005 Dodge Caravan, traveling east bound on Moss Mill Rd, driven by Pasquale Concilio 35 of Williamstown NJ. Pasquale Concilio, 1 passenger, and a 1 year old child were taken to ARMC mainland. The 1 year old was properly restrained and transported for observation purposes. A fourth passenger refused medical treatment at the scene. A summons was issued to Camacho for failure to yield at a traffic signal.


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