Media Release - Armed Robbery / Aggravated Assault

Case Number: 2012-13372

Incident Type: Armed Robbery / Aggravated Assault

Victim Gender / City / Age: 65 y/o female from Galloway

Date and Time of Incident: 04/21/2012  09:45pm

Incident Location: Old Port Republic Rd. 

Misc / Other Related Information:  

A 65 year old white female was returning home from Atlantic City Casino when she was robbed at knife point after she stopped to assist an apparent accident victim/disabled motor vehicle.  

The victim reported that she was followed by two (2) vehicles. At some point one (1) of the vehicles passed her and appeared to race up the road in front of her out of her line of vision. A few seconds later she observed what appeared to be the same vehicle sideways across the road in front of her vehicle forcing her to come to a stop. She observed what she described as a person “slumped” over the wheel. The victim rolled her window down to ask if he / she needed assistance. At this time, the driver of the vehicle that still remained to her rear approached her with a stocking covering his face and brandished a knife. The suspect ordered her to give him money and all her jewelry. The victim received injuries to her arm as a result of the weapon used and her jewelry including her earrings physically ripped from her body. Both vehicles then fled South on Old Port Republic Rd. back toward US Rt. 9. No further description of either suspect or vehicle could be provided. The incident is currently under investigation by this agency.


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