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In June 2003, COPS5, through funding by the Galloway Drug Alliance, collected data in reference to prevalence and patterns of drug and alcohol use, and violence among Galloway Township Middle School students. This data was gathered using the PRIDE Surveys Questionnaire. The survey was administered to 143 eighth grade students.

 This survey was last conducted during the 1997- 1998 school year. This recent survey shows decreases in the prevalence of drug and alcohol use. When asked about a using a particular substance “within the last year” students reported:






37% 44% 17%
2003 16% 33% 15%

Although it is encouraging to see reported use of these substances on the decline, these numbers still represent a number of students who are in need of education on the negative effects of the abuse of these harmful substances.

Parents are reminded and encouraged to speak with their children about drug and alcohol abuse and violence and to get involved in their child’s education about these concerns.

This table represents only a very small portion of this very comprehensive survey. Click on the “2003 PRIDE SURVEY” link to view the survey in its entirety. 

If you have questions or comments about this survey, you may contact Lt. Joseph Davies at the Galloway Township Police Community Services Bureau or Marilyn Moore at the Galloway Township Public Schools District Office.

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