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The Coalition Of Police & Schools, or COPS5, is a school based community policing program intended to reach all Galloway Township Public School students. It was developed in 1995 by Galloway Police Officer Joseph Davies and Galloway Township Middle School Health Teacher Marguerite Tomasello, replacing the Township's D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. The program teams police officers and school educators together in the schools. It is an effort for police to not only work in the schools, but also work with the schools. The "5" in COPS5 represents the program's five areas of interest: violence prevention, drug education, tolerance, safety and civic education.

COPS5 is not a stand alone curriculum, such as the D.A.R.E.
program. Instead, a multi-disciplinary approach is used to reinforce appropriate issues in existing school curriculums. Officers are specifically selected and are required to attend Methods of Instruction and/or School Resource Officer training before participating in the program. The primary goal of COPS5 officers is to reinforce the program's five subject areas. Most of these topics are covered through existing school curriculums, programs and projects. It is the intention of the COPS5 program to bolster those already existing subject areas.

Officers are assigned to specific school buildings and make "guest appearances" in the classrooms, using team- teaching philosophies with the classroom teachers.

Officers assigned each school building are also primary responders to calls for service at their assigned school when available.
Officers assigned to the program continue their other responsibilities as well. Some of these officers are in the Patrol Bureau, some are in the COSAP Unit and others are detectives and supervisors. Officers design their own classroom presentations, with strong input on content and presentation from the teacher. All plans are designed for specific classes and are pre-approved by the teachers. This grass root teaming of professional educators and law enforcement, each providing their unique skills and perspectives, is the energy that fuels COPS5.

Just as vital a component as classroom presentations by the officers, are the less formal visitations to the schools. Officers are available throughout the school calendar year to interact with students not only in formal classroom visits, but also on the playgrounds, lunchrooms, gyms and neighborhoods. Officers make themselves available to reinforce the program's five target areas through any means possible, including assisting with school and/or community related programs or projects involving Galloway's children.  Officers, during the normal course of their shifts, visit their schools during lunch periods and recess. Officers also attend after school activities, dances, sporting events and PTA meetings.
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