Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

Please visit our Employment page for more information regarding this topic. We ask that you do not call or email the police department requesting information on our hiring process. All of the relevant information will be posted online.

Please visit our Student Internships page for more information regarding this topic. We ask that you do not call or email the police department requesting information on internships. All of the relevant information will be posted online.


Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 or the police department to report a power outage. During power outages the 9-1-1 call enter is frequently inundated with calls from people reporting an outage or requesting the status of an outage. The police department cannot help you with this type of request. 

To report a power outage please contact Atlantic City Electric by calling 1-800-833-7476. Reports and status inquires can also be made online by visiting the Power Outage Map, or by downloading a free iOS or Android device app.


Natural Gas

If you suspect a gas leak or other problem with your service, contact the South Jersey Gas Company at 1-800-582-7060. If anyone feels ill or there is a fire, get to a safe location and call 9-1-1 immediately. 

Three Signs to Identify a Gas Leak

Look, Listen and Smell:

  1. Look for dirt blowing into the air, persistent bubbling in standing water, or discolored/dead vegetation around the pipeline area.
  2. Listen for any unusual hissing or roaring sound.
  3. Smell an odor like rotten eggs.

What to do:

  • Evacuate from the area immediately.
  • DO NOT use anything that may cause a spark, including lighters, matches, cigarettes, telephones (including cellular), flashlights or any motorized equipment such as automatic garage door openers.
  • Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.

After You Evacuate:

  1. Call 911, followed by the South Jersey Gas 24-hour gas leak hotline at 1-800-582-7060.
  2. Stay away from the area until declared safe by South Jersey Gas and/or fire officials.



The public water is provided through the New Jersey American Water Company. The 24-hour Customer Care Center number is 1-800-652-6987.



Contact the Public Works Department at (609) 652-3700 ext. 244 during regular office hours or contact police dispatch after hours at (609) 652-3705. We will respond and determine responsibility and advise or correct the problem. Please be aware that the homeowner is responsible from the house to the curbside lateral and the Township is responsible from the curbside lateral and roadway.

Police reports will generally be available three to five business days after the incident. Please contact the Records Unit beforehand by calling (609) 652-3705 ext. 300 to inquire about fees and availability. Requests can also be made by emailing

Reports from motor vehicle accidents can be obtained online from or LexisNexis.

Tow releases are issued during normal business hours between 8:30am and 4:30pm on non-holiday weekdays (special exemptions may apply). The registered owner of the vehicle (or someone having power of attorney for the registered owner) must come to police headquarters in person with a valid driver's license, a valid registration card, and proof of insurance. There is an administrative fee of $25.00. The fee can be paid by exact cash or a check made payable to GTPD. We now accept credit and debit cards.

If your vehicle was towed under John's Law, it must be held for a period of twelve hours before a vehicle release can be issued.

The towing services are provided by private companies that are awarded contracts by Galloway Township. These companies do charge additional fees for towing and storage of vehicles. Those fees are set by those individual companies.

If the pot hole is located on a county road, you will need to notify the county by calling 1-888-426-9243 or by clicking here.
If the pot hole is located on a state road, you will need to notify the state by clicking here.
If the pot hole is located on a township road, you will need to contact the public works department at (609) 652-3700 ext. 244 during business hours.
The Atlantic County Road Department's telephone number is (609) 645-5830.
  • Aloe Street
  • Bremen Avenue (Atlantic Avenue to Indian Cabin Road)
  • Clarks Landing Road
  • Cologne Avenue (Hamilton Township border to Moss Mill Road)
  • Cologne-Port Republic Road
  • Duerer Street
  • English Creek Road
  • Jimmie Leeds Road
  • Leeds Point Road
  • Moss Mill Road
  • Motts Creek Road
  • Old New York Road
  • Oyster Creek Road
  • Pitney Road
  • Pomona Road
  • Race Track Road
  • Sixth Avenue
  • Smithville Boulevard
  • Tilton Road
The New Jersey Department of Transporation's telephone number is (609) 588-6213.
  • New York Road (Route 9)
  • Philadelphia Avenue (Route 50)
  • White Horse Pike (Route 30)
If the deer is on a state road you will need to call the New Jersey Department of Transporation at (609) 588-6213.
If the deer is on a county road you will need to call the Atlantic County Road Department at (609) 645-5830.
If the deer is on a township road you can call the public works department 8:30am to 4:30pm at (609) 652-3700 ext. 244.
Notify the Atlantic City Electric Company online by clicking here.

Please visit our Firearms Permits page for more information.